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                         Flamenco Guitar Duo UK  

Echoes of Spain 




Echoes of Spain is an exciting project by two established flamenco guitarists based in the UK, Juan Casals Mendoza and David Shepherd, who have created a programme of duets capturing the many subtle moods of contemporary and traditional flamenco guitar.


The Flamenco guitar duo UK is now an intrinsic part of flamenco and these two gifted players bring all of its dynamic rhythms, beautiful melodies and evocative textures into their compositions.

A musical partnership founded on many years of professional experience, Echoes of Spain is a Flamenco guitar duo much greater than the sum of its parts and with a programme of guitar music that will inspire as well as entertain audiences. 


David and Juan are now joined by talented latin singer/percussionist Glenn David Phillips whose Andalusian upbringing and musical versatility make him an ideal complement to their flamenco programme

flamenco guitar duo uk- flamenco guitarist uk


flamenco guitar duo uk- flamenco guitarist uk
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Featured Reviews

Juan Casals Mendoza was on fire I though he had everything, he had wonderful rasgueados, a wonderful way with these lines ,very good scales vary accurate and he flowed and he improvised,he was totally awesome!     ' Miloš Karadaglić'


He is fantastic I loved it!  ' Tony Visconti'


I like the way he dose the rasgueado Ive been trying to do that for 50 years and I can’t do it! I can’t even begin to approach that!

'George benson '

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